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Throwback Thursday: On November 9, 1967, the uncrewed Apollo 4 test flight made a great ellipse around Earth as a test of the translunar motors and of the high speed entry required of a crewed flight returning from the Moon.

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A 70mm camera was programmed to look out a window toward Earth, and take a series of photographs from "high apogee. " Seen looking west are coastal Brazil, the Atlantic Ocean, West Africa and Antarctica. This photograph was made as the Apollo 4 spacecraft orbited Earth at an altitude of 9,544 miles. The Saturn/Apollo 4 mission was the first all-up test of the three stage Saturn V rocket. It carried the Apollo Command and Service Module into Earth orbit. The mission was designed to test all aspects of the Saturn V launch vehicle and return pictures of Earth. The mission was deemed successful and ushered in a golden era of space travel. Photo Credit: NASA
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