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Explore Saturn's rings like never before with the highest-resolution color images ever taken by our Cassini mission.

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This image shows a portion of the inner-central part of the planet's B Ring and is a mosaic of two images that show a region that lies between 61,300 and 65,600 miles (98,600 and 105,500 km) from Saturn's center. This image is a natural color composite, created using images taken with red, green and blue spectral filters. The pale tan color is generally not perceptible with the naked eye in telescope views, especially given that Saturn has a similar hue. The material responsible for bestowing this color on the rings -- which are mostly water ice and would otherwise appear white -- is a matter of intense debate among ring scientists that will hopefully be settled by new in-situ observations before the end of Cassini's mission. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute
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