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NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik posted this image to his social accounts Aug. 30 saying, “Houston is reporting blue sky for the first time in many days! May this sunrise start the healing process.” Bresnik is living with @Astro2Fish on the International Space Station, who took the photo. There are currently six people living and working on the space station, which is locasted 250 miles above Earth. While there, they conduct important research and science in the unique microgravity laboratory. Credit: NASA
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Rhea is a heavily-cratered, airless world, while Titan’s nitrogen-rich atmosphere is even thicker than Earth’s. This natural color image was taken in visible light by the Cassini spacecraft on Nov. 19, 2009, at a distance of approximately 713,300 miles (1,148,000 kilometers) from Rhea. After a nearly 20-year mission that overflowed with discoveries, the Cassini spacecraft ended its mission on Sept. 15, 2017. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute