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The Space Station is such a unique and remote and almost magical place… I will miss it. " After spending 196 days in space, Pesquet and Oleg Novitskiy of Roscosmos landed their spacecraft in Kazakhstan at approximately 10:10 a.m. EDT on June 2. Together, the crew pursued hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science aboard humanity’s only orbiting laboratory. The International Space Station (@iss) is also the primary platform for technology development and testing in space enabling human and robotic exploration of destinations beyond low-Earth orbit, including Mars. Credit: ESA/NASA
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illustration: Akihiro Ikeshita/JAXA

Okaerinasai is Japanese for “Welcome back.” It’s a word everyone at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA will be shouting together around 2 am Tokyo time on December 6, when a capsule ejected from the Hayabusa2 space probe is due to land in Woomera, South Australia, after a 5.2 billion kilometer round-trip.

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Illustration: IEEE Spectrum

The death penalty, abortion, gun legislation: There’s no shortage of controversial topics that are hotly debated today on social media. These topics are so important to us because they touch on an essential underlying force that makes us human, our morality.

Researchers in Brazil have developed and analyzed three models that can describe the morality of individuals based on the language they use. The results were published last month in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.

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